Body Harmony, A primer By Kurt Larsson

Body Harmony, A primer   By Kurt Larsson

IMG_1473Describing Body Harmony could start with a simple summation; it is a soft, conscious method of touch. Where it goes from there is up to you.

For you that has a pain somewhere in your body this is a way to address the ”issue in the tissue” which is causing that pain. The softer and more consciously your Body Harmony practitioner works with you, the more relaxed, inspired and present you will become and the more you will be able to focus upon what is causing the tension or pain. Once that area of your body feels sufficiently heard, the pain or discomfort usually begins to disappear.

A client I once had was recovering from an operation and although her surgery had nothing to do with her neck, she was still so bothered by the tension in her neck that she could not even sit still long enough to successfully go to the toilet. Yet, after just one Body Harmony session she was pain free for over four hours, allowing her to take her first shower since coming home  as well as get a few hours of much needed sleep. After the second session the pain has disappeared completely.

Your own results will be influenced by many factors, but the more you permit yourself to breathe easily, relax and be present to what is happening in your body, the more effectively your body usually responds to the session.

For you that is interested in getting more out of life, Body Harmony is a very efficient way to locate those subconscious obstacles that are preventing you from being all you know you can be. The soft and conscious touch of your practitioner will bring energy and focus upon the emotional structure you have built in your tissue.

Our basic building blocks are energy and information. The freer and easier they flow, the better you can meet life’s challenges easily, efficiently and enjoyably. Should something you experience cause these flows to stop or become restricted, chances are this will influence your behavior. Information and energy are also the building blocks of your behavior and the freedom these flows have to move will determine how easily and efficiently you react and respond with other people and your environment.

This maybe oversimplified, but what if just by listening closely to these flows in your body you can help you find those which are out of balance, stuck or leaking. What if the more you know about where the ”dis-ease” sits in your body, the more you can do about reintroducing ease back into the equation? Here are a few of many ways to benefit from one or more Body Harmony Sessions:

–          Increased Athletic Ability

–          More effective presentations

–          Increased leadership capacity

–          Less stress and more enjoyment from life

Whether you are interested in better health, better leadership and/or communication capabilities a good place to start is with a body that is in harmony.

For more information on what we do or to book a session please contact us . If you are in the Stockholm region you are welcome to come and test an evening of Body Harmony next Wednesday 13 November.

About The Author


I am fascinated with what makes us humans ”tick”, especially when it comes to how we consciously communicate and express ourselves with our body language. My business background is in international sales and sales management, selling everything from automobile tires in Houston, Tx, to retail banking delivery systems in 20 countries. I have graduated from CoachU’s 3 year Coach Training program, been certified as an Extended DISC consultant and become a Certified International Body Harmony Teacher with over 20 years of ”hands-on” experience in bodywork. This rich and varied background combined with over 20 years of being an entrepreneur has blessed me with insights and experiences I never would have noticed in the corporate world. Mainstream business now seems to be waking up to the riches available from more conscious and responsible business practices. Expanding Understanding’s Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox , the books I have written and training I have developed now provide savvy decision makers and their colleagues measurable results and a more restful night's sleep. These tools provide an edge in consciously understanding, deliberately using and profiting from the most powerful communication tool available, our bodies. I look forward to meeting you on this path to mastery in non verbal communication.

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