Body Harmony® is a ”hands-on” educational process which expands your potential beyond its current boundaries.

This process allows you to explore where you are limiting yourself and provides the physiological tools, support and encouragement to exceed those limits.
Most likely, wherever you are currently getting stuck, sometimes painfully, in your life can be resolved by uncovering and addressing the ”issue in the tissue”.
The more you commit to your exploration, the more the magic will unfold.

Kurt demonstrating Body Harmony during a course.

Kurt demonstrating Body Harmony during a course.

The Process:
Your practictioner is your tour guide. Through his/her gentle touch you are invited and encouraged to uncover sources of stress and tension that limits who you wish to become. Through gentle suggestive movements these bottlenecks to your full potential can gradually melt away and the energy you have been using to maintain this stressful tension can now be more effectively utilized.

What could you do with a little more energy?

You are the Boss. It is up to you as to how much ground you cover during each session. Usually a series of sessions will begin to open up exponentially as you become more familiar with this process of discovery. Your practictioner is there to listen and serve.

The Result
Results range from the mundane to the magical. What you personally “get” from your session seems to have a direct link with the clarity of your session goal and your ability to be open, curious and receptive. A few examples are:

  • More energy and joy
  • Better health and well being
  • Chronic and temporary pain relief
  • Better posture
  • More money
  • Better jobs, finances and relationships
  • More hair
  • Faster healing from accidents
  • Less worry and sounder sleep habits

Each session can last up to 50 minutes but sessions are measured in results instead of time. The more clear you are with your intention and the more curious and open you are to exploring who you are and how you work, the more practical and powerful your results will be. Light fitting , non-restrictive clothing will enhance your experience.

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