Bodywork and Business, a sensational combination, by Kurt Larsson

One of the biggest challenges going forward is keeping the relational side of business in balance with the transactional side. The more we come to rely on machines and computers for commerce the more challenging it becomes for us who still like to do business with a personal touch. The risk of being locked up in a spreadsheet cell keeps increasing and our ability to relate as humans seems to be waining. This is the basis of ”sensational business”, treating each other with a bit more humanity. What better way to do that than by ”incorporating” our awareness and senses into the process. And the best way to incorporate our senses into leadership, creating loyal customers, negotiating, minimizing stress, standing in our power and just sensing the right thing to do is by practicing basic bodywork mechanics.

Basic bodywork mechanics refers to working with the body and its language in a way that promotes health, success and happiness. Whether using a conscious touch when shaking hands or consciously expanding conversations and relationships through your ability to listen to others and express yourself, bodywork has many good principles to offer the business person looking to create more loyal employees and customers.

Although being cold and calculating seems to be the best way, currently, to earn lots of money quickly, it is not always so satisfying. Evidence would suggeset that if you want to be healthy enough to enjoy your wealth in the long run, it is very important to honor both the feelings of others as well as your own. As I have mentioned before, an clear example of this is that theres is more and more evidence some forms of cancer can have their roots in suppressing your emotions. Thus, it seems to make sense that more you are able to fully express yourself the more you can minimize your internal stress levels, enhance your feeling of well being and have more fun making more money.

Stress causes the body to age quicker by breaking down the cells in an unnatural way and releasing poisons into the blood stream. When there is no stress present, old cells basically shrink away and are absorbed naturally, leaving no trace. Stressed cells often explode releasing poisons which cause damage and aging. The more we can avoid this unhealthy process the better off we will feel and the longer we will be able to feel it. Therefore, it follows that the more we can do to minimize stress and care for those we conduct business with, the more we actually help ourselves in this Win/Win process. What if there is enough to go around?


–       Have you ever felt like no one is following you?

–       Do you sometimes wish you could be more comfortable with your decisions?

–       How at home do you feel talking in front of others?

Whether you are leading a group, a company, or a market the more you can inspire others to follow you voluntarily, the more power you will have creating a successful future. So, what is the most effective way to get others to follow you?

If you review your own needs, wants and wishes you will probably recognize that the more interested someone else seems to be in who you are and the more they respectfully listen to you, the more inclined you will be to cooperate with their wishes. Listening with all your senses is a key quality of sensational leadership. The more you can cultivate your ability to listen to others, the more they will listen to you. Cultivating your ability to listen with all your senses plus your intuition is a critical factor when it comes to doing great bodywork. Being able to sense and feel your way through a blockage in a body, a conversation and a relationship will provide you a soft edge when dealing with those that are not looking there. Sharpening your senses to take in more information will allow you to see, feel and experience more from those you are leading and make them feel more seen, heard and understood. What better way to encourage them to follow you!

There are many different Sensational Soft Skills that can be utilized to increase your ability to listen with all your senses as well as to help you stand in your power when making the tough decisions. All are supported by knowing how your, your body and your behavior works in sensational detail. Expanding Understanding can help you find and use them.

Service that sells

–       How satisfied are your customers, really?

–       Are your customer complaints increasing or decreasing?

–       Have you found a formula for transforming an angry customer to a loyal one?

Serving others in a way that allows the person being served to fully focus upon his/her own experience does two things. It permits an increases their level of satisfaction because they are fully exploring their own experience. Plus, it minimizes their focus upon you and what you are doing. When done correctly it will enhance and empower the person being served in such a way that they will enjoy the process and want more. If they (instead of  you) identify you as being the source of this enjoyment and empowerment they will naturally be attracted to come back to you, your company and your offer.

Learning to practice pure service means fully focusing on the person you are serving to the point that you disappear into that service. Learning to focus outwardly on others instead of inwardly on yourself is also something that practicing good bodywork demands. The more you learn to serve others and disappear into that service, the more attractive you and your offer become.

Cultivating loyal customers

–       How much money do you spend on generating new leads?

–       How many customers mention being referred to you?

–       Are you selling to make the sale or to create another loyal customer?

–       What is the difference?

A loyal customer is the Holy Grail of Selling. The more you can get your customers to come back again as well as warmly and spontaneously recommend you and your products to others, the less time, energy and money you need to spend on cultivating fresh leads. So treating every customer or client in a way that attracts them to help you build your business should be any rational business person’s mantra.

Cultivating loyal customers is based upon the black and white framework of a business transaction, but what gives your offer life and color is your ability to listen, understand and relate to each and every person with whom you come in contact. The better you get at relating to others while honoring the rules of your business and the guide lines of professionalism, the more successful you almost have to become. This again has to do with listening, sensing and feeling your way through a relationship in a way that others can sense, respond to and enjoy. Opening up your senses to experience this and expanding your limitations to catch more success are what great bodywork is all about.

Increasing Teamwork and Team-Spirit

–       Do you have a group of individuals or a well oiled team?

–       How much dialog is there among its members? How much debate?

–       Do your teammates actively share information and coach each other?

–       Are your customers inspired by how well everyone seems to get along?

Getting people to work together requires you to see clearly what is happening with relationships in front of you as well as sensing what is going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, there are still far too many people who (consciously and unconsciously) believe and practice deception in order to gain advantage. This happens both internally in workgroups as well as externally in alliances. The more you can see and sense these mixed messages, the better you will be at revealing, adjusting or terminating them. There is no service in a mixed or confusing message regardless of whether the behavior is conscious or unconscious. The more you can identify congruency in a person and their message from a mixed or deceptive one, the more successful you will become. The principles of bodywork apply directly to your ability to sense and effectively deal with this situation too.

Sustainable business

–       How happy and healthy do your co-workers look and act?

–       Do they seem inspired or resigned by their daily responsibilities?

–       Are they encouraged to expand and develop or are they and their dreams being compressed and limited?

Just as your own health and well being become more powerful as you become more in harmony internally as well as with your surroundings, the same applies when practicing sustainable business.  When each cell in aligned with and aimed towards the same goal the less dis-ease you will feel and the more ease, efficiency and enjoyment you will feel and experience. The more each business transaction you conduct is aligned with and aimed towards creating more loyal customers the more ease, efficiency and enjoyment you and your colleagues will experience working together. In short, sustainable and enjoyable business practices use the same principles as great bodywork. Some of those principles include:

–       Relaxing and not stressing

–       Listening with all the senses to the cornucopia of information available

–       Expressing yourself fully and appropriately

–       Being grounded in physical laws as well as your own integrity

–       Inspiring the people and expanding possibilites you have contact with

–       Cultivating strong, loyal relationships based upon a fair, solid and tested transactional framework.

With this said, the most effective bodywork practice I have discovered is Body Harmony. If you would like to find out more about the sensational opportunity Body Harmony can provide you to support and expand your business relationships please consider participating in the upcoming Body Harmony Workshop in Stockholm, June 15-18, 2013 or contact us at or +46 708 736 375 on how we can implement The Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox ( Click here for the PDF version) into your business day.

Here’s to a better business world for us all!

About The Author


I am fascinated with what makes us humans ”tick”, especially when it comes to how we consciously communicate and express ourselves with our body language. My business background is in international sales and sales management, selling everything from automobile tires in Houston, Tx, to retail banking delivery systems in 20 countries. I have graduated from CoachU’s 3 year Coach Training program, been certified as an Extended DISC consultant and become a Certified International Body Harmony Teacher with over 20 years of ”hands-on” experience in bodywork. This rich and varied background combined with over 20 years of being an entrepreneur has blessed me with insights and experiences I never would have noticed in the corporate world. Mainstream business now seems to be waking up to the riches available from more conscious and responsible business practices. Expanding Understanding’s Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox , the books I have written and training I have developed now provide savvy decision makers and their colleagues measurable results and a more restful night's sleep. These tools provide an edge in consciously understanding, deliberately using and profiting from the most powerful communication tool available, our bodies. I look forward to meeting you on this path to mastery in non verbal communication.

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