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Sensational soft skills have to do with rediscovering and using those skills which distinguish us as conscious and responsible human beings to their fullest, for the good of everyone. This is the future!

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Business Agility in a World of Artificial Intelligence

Business Agility, the only remedy to the challenge of the turbulence created by artificial intelligence, automation and your ability to remain employed. Alarmist? Maybe. Worth preparing for? Absolutely! The following is an article I recently published on Ezine. “The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence…

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Uncertain Times Scream for Agility

Uncertainty screams for tactical agility, now! As we charge into the Twenty First Century, whether it is business or personal, stuff is changing at an accelerated rate, demanding more operational and tactical agility. When it comes to business, fortunes can now be made or lost in milliseconds, literally! Don’t believe it? Ask some of the…

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Conscious Body Language and Powerful Sales Training

Can sales professionals remain at the top of their game without practicing conscious body language in their sales training? Sales professionals are leaders when it comes to human development. To stay on the leading edge of the sales profession you must constantly adapt to what attracts your customers and constantly adjust what repels them. Never…

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Mastering the Art and Practice of Conscious Body Language Training

Body Language Training is a start! But knowing it and experiencing it are two different dimensions Is it better to know or to understand and use a skill? What is the most effective path to mastering body language? Keep reading for some inspiring clues…

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Feeling More At Home with Conscious Body Language Training

As popular as the subject of body language training is becoming, what if 95% of what is now being discussed still misses a crucial point? Brilliant people from social and behavioral scientists to psychologists and actors are now marketing themselves as body language experts, and rightly so. They are all demonstrating the impact body language when we…

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Holiday Stress and Conscious Body Language Training

Conscious Body Language can reduce holiday stress The visible and sensual connection between stress and conscious body language should be most obvious around the holidays, yet it isn’t. With the Holidays fast approaching, stress levels increase dramatically as we try to finish up work, shop and prepare everything for the end of the year. This,of…

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The Consequences of Body Language Training

The more you practice body language training the more aware you will become of how much information is available from everyone at any time. Whether you are reading the body language of someone else or are more concerned with what your own is broadcasting, the more you know about it, the bigger the realization becomes…

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Use Soft Skills to Uncover Your Unconscious Body Language Training

Unconscious body language training is invisible. That is how we are designed to behave. Yet is your unconscious body language training invisible to everyone or only you? What are the consequences of not knowing what your body is saying?

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Don’t Fear Public Speaking! Presentation Skills Training Can Be Fun

Why Fear Public Speaking When Presentation Skills Training Can Be Fun? Many of us fear public speaking worse than death. Yet, confident public speaking is not that hard to achieve if you are willing to practice some basic presentation training skills. Just like learning to walk, the more you practice, the better you get and…

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Distinguish a Conversational Skill from a Soft Skill

How do you distinguish a conversational skill from a soft skill? What’s the point? Whether you are leading a group, presenting a message or serving your team or a customer, could the answer be in the authenticity of your body language and in how many cells in your body are resonating your message? The quality…

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