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Looking to inspire and engage your listeners more? Would you like to handle challenging listeners more gracefully and with better effect. Want to leave everyone you speak with a clear path to the next step? Here you will find tools, methods and tips to use your senses and body language more consciously to “move” each listener into action.

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Don’t Fear Public Speaking! Presentation Skills Training Can Be Fun

Why Fear Public Speaking When Presentation Skills Training Can Be Fun? Many of us fear public speaking worse than death. Yet, confident public speaking is not that hard to achieve if you are willing to practice some basic presentation training skills. Just like learning to walk, the more you practice, the better you get and…

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Reading and Interpreting Body Language is a Good Start

Reading and Interpreting Body Language is a Good Start Reading body language and interpreting body language have recently become hot topics. Great! It’s about time we start understanding the power, leverage and profit you can harness when you start to master non verbal communication. But is this the end of the story?

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Sensational Presentation Skill, Empower your Public Speaking Presence

The Power of Presence in Public Speaking Actively engaging your listeners requires a strong dose of the essential public speaking skill known as presence. Or, can you realistically expect to move your listeners into action when you and your own thoughts are someplace else? In fact, how are you even sure that you really understand…

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Sensational Presentation Skills Series, Inspire! by Kurt Larsson

Sensational Presentation Skills Series, Inspire your listener! Want to calm your nerves while speaking to an audience? Do you know the easiest, simplest and most inspiring Soft Skill to use? Focus on breathing more while serving each listener and marvel at the extra more power and believability you will have to inspire others into action!…

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