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Want to sell more and sleep better. Here you will find articles to help you sell courageously, meaning truthfully with your heart in what you sell. If you want to create loyal customers there is no better way than being authentic with them Here are some skills that will help.

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Conscious Body Language and Powerful Sales Training

Can sales professionals remain at the top of their game without practicing conscious body language in their sales training? Sales professionals are leaders when it comes to human development. To stay on the leading edge of the sales profession you must constantly adapt to what attracts your customers and constantly adjust what repels them. Never…

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Improve Sales Margins by Selling Consciously, by Kurt Larsson

Improve Sales Margin Using Conscious Selling Skills! Sell consciously and effectively while stressing less.  Using conscious selling skills means selling while being more aware of what your body is doing physically, mentally and emotionally. One conscious look around and it becomes painfully obvious most of us aren’t present to what is happening here and now.…

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Power, Inspiration and Success come from within, By Kurt Larsson

Power, Inspiration and Success come from within By Kurt Larsson Working with Body Language to improve sales, service and leadership combined with being a Body Harmony® Teacher provides a magical window on what makes us humans tick. Yet, assisting clients to study their posture, emotional structures and behavioral patterns can only be done effectively if…

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Sensational Selling with Conscious Body Language, by Kurt Larsson

Sensational  Selling with Conscious Body Language, by Kurt Larsson Whether the transaction involves money or not, to get someone to purchase what you are selling you need to convince everyone that the value you offer is worth the price you are asking. One of the biggest contributions to this desired outcome is conscious, powerful and…

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