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Making a sale is no longer enough. If you want to remain in business going forward all current research points to becoming more responsible, relationship oriented and ethical. In short, authentic, sustainable and enjoyable business practices attract more like minded customers. Win/Win!

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Agility! Power in Mastering Business Agility

Mastering Business Agility, Your Lifestyle! Is the phrase, “Mastering business agility”, powerful and urgent enough for you? Does it get you to actually grasp how crucial to your success practicing business agility is becoming? The biggest concern when naming our new book was the conscious use of the word, “Mastering“. Although the word mastery is…

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Uncertain Times Scream for Agility

Uncertainty screams for tactical agility, now! As we charge into the Twenty First Century, whether it is business or personal, stuff is changing at an accelerated rate, demanding more operational and tactical agility. When it comes to business, fortunes can now be made or lost in milliseconds, literally! Don’t believe it? Ask some of the…

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Conscious Body Language and Powerful Sales Training

Can sales professionals remain at the top of their game without practicing conscious body language in their sales training? Sales professionals are leaders when it comes to human development. To stay on the leading edge of the sales profession you must constantly adapt to what attracts your customers and constantly adjust what repels them. Never…

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The Benefits and Consequences of Efficient Body Language

What more can you accomplish with efficient body language? Have you ever wondered what kind of information is available from your body, how important it is and who can read it? Did you know there is now a growing interest in profiting from learning to interpret this overlooked area of human behavior? What are the…

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Consciously Reading Body Language, what’s the point for leaders?

Why care about consciously reading body language? As a leader, reading and interpreting other people’s body language plus understanding and adjusting your own sounds kind of cool, but is this trendy form of leadership and soft skill training really that important? How can it make a difference? By taking a conscious look around and observing…

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Discover the Power and Effect of Your Influencing Skills

Sharpen your influencing skills by daring to discover! Are you aware of the difference between influence and discovery? Regardless of the scope of your conversation, knowing the difference will allow you to better see the world and how it works, minus a few more filters. Influence implies that you are imposing your view or opinion…

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Strike your chord of ease, efficiency and enjoyment, By Kurt Larsson

Strike your chord of ease, efficiency and enjoyment, By Kurt Larsson “Congruence”, from The Oxford on-line dictionary means ”in agreement, harmony” Take a moment and think of all those people you admire. Is who they are, what they stand for, what they do and accomplish; all congruent? Chances are that all their thoughts, words and…

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Expanding Understanding’s “Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox” a primer

Expanding Understanding’s “Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox”™ a primer, By Kurt Larsson Soft Skills are finally beginning to attract long denied attention. All those skills that encourage us to be more socially competent and that add a bit more color to our ability to express ourselves may finally be seen as not only relevant but profitable to…

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Listening and Body Harmony By Kurt Larsson

Listening and Body Harmony,  By Kurt Larsson Listening with all the senses is one of the reasons why working with the common sense and magic of the body is at least as effective as many of the medications we have now been trained to take. Since there are no measurable side-effects from working with your…

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Lessons in Leadership, as demonstrated by The Boss, By Kurt Larsson

Last Night I got yet another chance to see Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band play. It was an inspiring spectacle behold from an entertainment standpoint and also from a leadership standpoint. Again citing Grace Hopper, ”You manage things and you lead people”. Last night it was a pleasure to feel served, to follow someone…

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