The Benefits and Consequences of Efficient Body Language

What more can you accomplish
Efficient Body Language, conscious, efficiencywith efficient body language?

Have you ever wondered what kind of information is available from your body, how important it is and who can read it? Did you know there is now a growing interest in profiting from learning to interpret this overlooked area of human behavior?
What are the benefits and the consequences of this trend?

Efficient body language compliments efficient organizations

One of the major focal points of the Information Age has been on streamlining operations and making organizations efficient. With the ubiquitous use of spreadsheets and management software hardly any business process has not been scrutinized and re-engineered. Although much time, energy and frustration have been saved incorporating machines and computers into our lives and work, this intense focus on technological solutions may have made us blind to the information our bodies incorporate and express. Our body language can and often does contradict and even sabotage what our well-rehearsed mouths are communicating. Yet how aware are you of it when it occurs?

The power and promise of gravity

For instance, observe how efficient is the average person’s relationship with gravity. Most of us take this incredible attracting force for granted. Indeed, who has time to care about gravity when there are bills to pay, products to sell and people to meet? Yet, think about how powerful the pull of gravity is when it comes to holding our world together. It even holds our moon in place. You are then welcome to marvel at the incredible amount of energy many of us use to resist this unavoidable force. For just a moment think about how much better we could feel and how much more energy we would have, how much better we could express ourselves just by being conscious of and working a little more in line with the Force of Gravity?

Most of us pay little or no conscious attention to the level of efficiency we use aligning our posture with gravity’s pull. Since curiosity is an unavoidable part of human nature, it was only a matter of time before focus returned to profiting from more efficient use of the body’s language. What if that time is now here?

Reading Body Language Basics

Take a walk in a crowded place and observe your fellow humans and how they use their posture to:

  • Walk or stand while leaning forward, backward or to one side and work against gravity.
  • Hang their heads forward or backward conspicuously out of line with their center of gravity,
  • Rock or waddle from side to side while walking forward.
  • Aim their feet in another direction than the one they are walking towards.
  • Wave their arms around much more than just to maintain their balance
  • Shuffle so much when they walk that their shoes begin wearing unevenly?


Each one of these nonessential movements requires energy and effort to purposefully counteract the force that gravity imposes upon them. Also notice that small children use gravity most efficiently, yet as we age and become smarter we tend to ignore gravity’s pull more and more. Using one’s own energy to resist gravity is totally unnecessary and insane if we are really trying to use our energy efficiently. If we are that blind to what our bodies are doing when it comes to our posture what kind of effect, conscious or unconscious, can this behavior have on those with whom we are communicating?

The Light’s on and Nobody’s home

Pay attention to how most of us seem oblivious to what our bodies are doing while we go about our day. Many of these movements are the product of being unconscious of our body language or being conditioned by society to ignore it. Regardless of the benefit or consequence, do something often enough and you will create a behavior pattern. Once a pattern is in place it doesn’t take long to become part of your identity. For most of us this pattern becomes incorporated into who they think they are. Even with an injury, if the initial pain you wanted to avoid disappears, the pattern and muscle tension is often forgotten and remains. Many go further by wasting even more energy and time by complaining about how tired they feel. Does this sound like efficient use of our resources?

Efficient Body Language is often unwelcome information

You are now invited to try informing someone of your observations. If you actually dare to take on this challenge, marvel at the responses you get. Most will politely excuse it away, often blaming an old injury. Others will become insulted that you would bring this up as this is ”just the way they are”. Note closely how many warmly thank you for your advice and begin immediately adjusting these inefficiencies. If knowledge is power, do you also sense an opportunity to learn something most others ignore.

Reflecting over Conscious and Efficient Body Language

Most importantly, you are invited to reflect over what people’s’ body language, behavior patterns and their responses to your comments tell you about the individuals involved.

  • Do these patterns make them appear more or less attractive?
  • Would you be more or less inclined to hire them?
  • Are you more or less interested in their advice?
  • Does their age and intelligence seem to affect how they respond to you?
  • Would you wish someone in your family to show these patterns
    or date someone who does?


As a bonus, ask yourself what does their response tell you about their ability to be curious, adaptive and responsive?

What about your own Body Language Signals?

So far we have talked about all of those other people surrounding you. Here is your invitation to stand in front of a mirror, take a reflective inventory on all the questions above and see how they relate to you and your body language. What does your body language say? How quick are you to acknowledge and adjust it? By the way, how many of those around you may also know how to read it?

The Profit in understanding conscious body language

There is a gold mine here waiting for those who understand how to read, feel and interpret what the body language of another is demonstrating. There is also a jackpot waiting for those who are aware of what their own body language is saying. There is a third jackpot waiting for those who understand that by adjusting theirs they will not only feel healthier and happier, they will become more attractive and influential. Could your body language have something to do with your success?

How much longer can you afford to remain body language illiterate?


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