Demonstrating a hearty welcome

Demonstrating a hearty welcome, By Kurt Larsson

I just returned from a wonderful breakfast seminar which reminded me of the power of using your body language to get and keep listener attention. Just by moving your arms in an open and welcoming fashion created smiles on the faces of most of those present.

It is so easy to think that when we are standing in front of a group that we become invisible. Although it probably shows up as absent-mindedly forgetting that we actually have a body, the result is still the same, your words express one thing and your body often expresses something completely different.

Test this yourself by just saying the word ”Welcome” with outstretched and inviting arms, wide open and looking ready for a group hug. Observe how it improves the atmosphere in the room exponentially. Often we forget and have our arms crossed or even behind our backs when saying this simple, but key greeting. The result is what is known as a ”mixed message”. A mixed message causes confusion for the listener. They see and hear your mouth saying one thing, yet your body says something completely different. This is often not consciously observed, but that sense of confusion or not trusting the message or its bearer still remains… and can manifest.

Luckily, the Remedy is simple. Just get conscious of your arms and hands, relax them as well as your shoulders and with a nice deep, relaxing breath open the up and wish everyone listening to be well. That what the word welcome actually means, to wish someone well. You do not have to even like someone to wish them well, yet it signals the possibility to start something fresh, right here and right now. This fresh start will grow legs when it is accompanied with a welcoming body language expression.

So, if you want to make an impact right out of the gate, here are some tips to welcome people and invite them to listen:
Gestures 05– Relax and take a few deep breaths

– Open up your arms and allow your shoulders to easily rotate in a wide open gesture

– Smile and from the top of your breath issue a warm, hearty welcome.

– Pause for a moment and let it sink in

– Observe and sense how the room lightens up and everyone relaxes their guard

– Then continue with your introduction

Just this simple and conscious start to any conversation will increase your chances of getting your message across in an easy, efficient and enjoyable way.

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I am fascinated with what makes us humans ”tick”, especially when it comes to how we consciously communicate and express ourselves with our body language. My business background is in international sales and sales management, selling everything from automobile tires in Houston, Tx, to retail banking delivery systems in 20 countries. I have graduated from CoachU’s 3 year Coach Training program, been certified as an Extended DISC consultant and become a Certified International Body Harmony Teacher with over 20 years of ”hands-on” experience in bodywork. This rich and varied background combined with over 20 years of being an entrepreneur has blessed me with insights and experiences I never would have noticed in the corporate world. Mainstream business now seems to be waking up to the riches available from more conscious and responsible business practices. Expanding Understanding’s Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox , the books I have written and training I have developed now provide savvy decision makers and their colleagues measurable results and a more restful night's sleep. These tools provide an edge in consciously understanding, deliberately using and profiting from the most powerful communication tool available, our bodies. I look forward to meeting you on this path to mastery in non verbal communication.

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