What can a Conscious Body Language Seminar

do for you, your company and your event?

Interested in learning a few Sensational Soft Skills to both see how they work and create some results?

Would you like to become more conscious of how even a little body language training can positively affect your health, communication and business?

Or would you like to spice up your next event with a way to make your communication more effective?

Take the chance to learn how an increase in your conscious ability to read and use body language can influence your skills to:

  • Listen and serve your customers and colleagues better

  • Make a more powerful and attractive first impression

  • Lead so others will be inspired to follow

  • Sell and present more clearly and understandably

  • Create a more synergistic team or family


Then you are invited to click here and contact us now

We will arrange a tailor made one to three hour conscious body language training seminar or mini-workshop where you and your colleagues will receive practical tools and tips to increase your awareness of yourselves, your customers and each other.
Learn to quickly implement some simple and practical steps to sells, lead and serve more effectively just by adjusting your body language. Find out more here.

Practical details:


We have a proven framework which we can adjust to meet your specific goals. Whether you are having a kick-off, a sales meeting, a board meeting or just like to take in guest speakers from time to time, tell what you wish to accomplish and let us fix the rest.

As long as it has to do with becoming more conscious of the sales, service, presentation or leadership process we can put together an practical, educational and enjoyable event.

Event size:

Whether it is a sales team of four or five or a company event broadcast to thousands, the reading and use of body language is a subject that can easily be addressed and understood Adding awareness to its use will give you an distinct edge when it comes to attracting and cultivating more customer and employee loyalty.

Live or remote:

A live event makes it easier to engage the public, but video conferencing and even webinars have been used successfully.
Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll let you know if and how we can accommodate you.

Preparation time:

The more time we have to set it up correctly the more successful the outcome. Contact us here, now; don’t wait.


Contact us as there is always a win/win solution when practicing conscious business principles

I’m looking forward to your call!body langauge seminar, training , conferences, workshops


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