Participate in These Sensational Leadership Workshops

and cultivate your conscious ability to listen, lead and succeed, together!

A series of four one day intensive workshops for decision makers. Each can be taken separately. Combined they provide a powerful synergy effect. Apply, test  and appreciate your ability to lead others in a way that encourages them to listen follow and exceed expectations. Participants are invited to bring their current challenges so they can be solved together.

Module I:                      Practical tools to unlock your Personal Powerleadership workshop, body Language

Focus is upon strengthening your use of the most important communication tool you have, your body. Learn to “stand in your power” and radiate a posture of success. Many wise people have said, “A leader’s biggest challenge is when they recognize just how powerful they are”. Find out why and get conscious on what to do about it. Learn to:

  • Attract more listening, command more attention

  • Consciously choose and practice to become more interesting

  • Inspire and Engage your listeners

  • Present with more ”presence” and stay on track

  • Stress less and respond more calmly under pressure

Here’s a practical chance to learn the mechanics of your body language and combine that with classic rhetorical skills to increase your confidence and your ability to “move” your listeners into action to create measurable results, together!


 Module II:                      Serve to Leadleadership workshop, training, body Language

Learn to serve in a way that attracts others to follow you and cooperate. What kind of ripple effect can you create when you serve others in a way that makes them feel special? Can this contribute to a more loyal and inspired team? Practice with tools on your current issues and find out how to:

  • Profit by listening ”with all your senses”

  • Serve rather than perform your way to success

  • Change opinions by asking powerful and insightful questions

  • Serve in a way that attracts loyalty

Discover the mechanics of and profit from “disappearing” into the service you provide. Distinguish this level of authentic service from that of performing for your own ego. Learn to distinguish listening to what is said from what you have heard (interpreted). Then marvel at how much more attractive you become to follow and cooperate with.


Module III:                      Decisiveness

Day three is all about choice, consequences and your ability to respond effectivelyleadership workshop,, body Language, succeed. Practice with the tools of effective communication and learn to quickly discover and eliminate weaker alternatives. Find out how to create “agreements that stick” with your colleagues and enjoy more restful nights sleep knowing you made the best choice. Learn to:

  • Communicate effectively and solve challenges at their root cause

  • Understand and apply the mechanics of decision

  • Transform inspiring dreams into practical and measurable action

  • Distinguish work from life then sleep and feel better

As a leader you are constantly faced with choices. This workshop will give you practical tools which will provide you with greater ability and insight to make the right decision and then firmly anchor it within the people affected by it.


Module IV:                      Mastering the Path of Leadership

Learn the secrets of going beyond expertise and taking others with you on your path. Mastery is a lifestyle that opens up the wonders of your chosen field. The more you learn the tools of mastery the more you will be able to follow its path teach others what you have learned in a way that benefits everyone.

  • Consciously learn and improve from everything you do

  • Relax and become comfortable with not knowing everything

  • Learn more by teaching

  • Create a powerful, cohesive learning lifestyle

What if becoming an expert is an accomplishment with diminishing returns? Find out what this means by taking the next step to master your discipline and enjoy being rewarded for your continued efforts.


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