Conscious body language, Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox

Your toolbox for Conscious Body Language

Improve Your Soft Skills Training Results!

using some of the many tools available in ExpandingU’s  Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox. During our workshops each tool, how to use it and its consequences are introduced when a powerful and practical context appears. This allows each participant to experience, live, how to lead more decisively, solve conflicts more completely, sell more easily, present more attractively, increase team spirit and serve others better.
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A few of the simple, powerful, “Sensational Soft Skills” Training tools:

Listen with all your senses, rather than just waiting to talk

  • Have you ever finished a sentence for someone else? Even if you were right, how much respect did you demonstrate to the speaker? Practice and enjoy the efficiency resulting from listening in a way that makes the speaker really feel seen, heard and understood.

 Lead rather than manage

  • ”You manage things and you lead people” RAdm Grace Hopper, USN. How often have you treated others as things rather than respecting them as fellow humans? If you want others to willingly follow you, then learn and consciously practice your ability to lead!

Expand understanding rather than just delivering more knowledge

  • What if, ”knowledge really does lead to debate and understanding leads to action”? Learn to uncover what is missing for your lis
    tener to transform yet more knowledge into an understandable message that can more effectively lead to action and desired result.

Profit by serving others instead of performing for yourself. 

  • If your behavior is often governed by that ”little voice in your head” and the result is that you beat yourself up over what you ”should have said”, then practice using tools that shift the focus from your own performance to serving others in a way they can feel.

Respond more, react less

  • How often during the day are you on automatic pilot? How many buttons do you have that, when pushed, you ”loose it”. Increase your ability to positively ”answer back” to these situations rather than ”acting again” in patterns that can make the them worse.

Expand rather than compress

  • You probably feel, speak and perform better when you have more room with which to do it. Learn the mechanics and consequences of both expanding as well as compressing conversations and relationships. then practice applying the most effective method.

Demonstrate mastery in everything you do

  • You may know more than anyone else about your chosen profession, yet how do you relate what you know to others? Consciously step on to the road of mastery and begin enjoying rewards way beyond any goal you may have had of becoming The Expert.

Knowing this toolbox exists is one thing. Understanding, applying and mastering each tool is another. Applied directly to your sales cycle, presentation, rhetoric, negotiation technique and/or other methodologies, results often drastically exceed expected results. 

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