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Influencing Skills, soft skills,, leadershipAre you aware of the difference between influence and discovery?

Regardless of the scope of your conversation, knowing the difference will allow you to better see the world and how it works, minus a few more filters.

Influence implies that you are imposing your view or opinion on the subject.

Whether the subject is a debate in a bar about the best sports team or the effect of monetary policy imposed by our fearless and comfortable leaders, influence is often the intrusive exertion of one’s opinion over the others and often over clear, measurable and contrary facts.

Influence is a tool that can clearly help experts and or institutions influence others to maintain and prolong consensus of current opinion and dogma. It often contracts a conversation keeping accepted structures in place, regardless of their current validity. Think of how long leaders of the Church influenced (a polite description of often much darker methods) their flock that Earth was the Center of our galaxy. Although surely a coincidence, according to William Manchester in his book ”A world lit by fire” in 1500 the Church owned approximately 85% of everything that could be owned in France. It is interesting that when the heavens were then observed without the influential filter of the Catholic Church, it became easier to discover that the Sun, was at the center.

Coinciding with this discovery, the Church began losing both influence and control. A recent and very interesting blog post wonders aloud if the same type of influence is currently being exerted on our monetary system by the Banking System. Here’s a clue, how interested are you in discovering the history of and how (your?) money really works?

Discovery, here, refers to the wonderful process of finding out about something on its terms.

Regardless of whether it is tracking the behavior of international monetary flows, presenting or selling your product to someone new or discovering the structure of emotion within an individual human being, there is one often overlooked fact. The particular instruction manual for this unique discovery will not be found in the library or even on Google under some general topic. It is found within the specific individual person or system you are working or talking with.

Discovery encourages those choosing the path of Mastery to explore, reveal and wonder even more about their chosen area of study. It encourages curiosity and offers ways to expand its understanding. Yet, there is often a cost. The law of risk versus reward means humans don’t like changing their habits nor their minds. ”Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”, is a very influential way of thinking and easily encouraged by those profiting from an entrenched institution or way of thinking. What do Galileo, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Jack and Bobby Kennedy, plus many other courageous people have in common? By remaining curious, using their powers of discovery and revealing clear faults in contemporary thinking, they all put their lives in jeopardy and have paid a very high price.

Influence and discovery as tools:

Some things to ponder:

–      If you want to be seen as ”right” or wish to remain in control, which tool would you choose?

–       If you wanted to open up to new ideas and opportunities, which tool would you choose?

–       If you are not even aware of this powerful choice, how could you consciously choose one or the other?

–       Finally if you are not aware of this choice, is it due to a lack of curiosity or possibly that you have somehow been influenced or even conditioned by others NOT to be curious?

Being influenced is much easier and safer than daring to be curious and think for yourself.

Often, if you play the game of Status quo as it has been institutionally established, it can be very lucrative. Interestingly and not surprisingly this often seems to have little to do with whether or not you have made this choice consciously or not. Just use your conscious powers of discovery to observe a banker, lawyer or politician in action. Yet, what if the path of discovery is rewarding in other ways? Try you powers of discovery again to observe a dedicated teacher, an investigative journalist or someone consciously choosing do conduct win/win business. Now, what if it we all discovered that there is more to life than, for instance,  just accumulating money?

If you are also becoming curious and looking to discover the incredible ease, power and leverage available from being more conscious of your body language when it comes to leading, presenting, selling, service and cultivating team-spirit, please contact us to learn more of how you and your organization can profit from your own “Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox“.

Kurt Larsson

Influencing skills, presentation, presentation skills

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