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”Mastering Business Agility has nothing to do with Horses, dogs or IT – It’s about your ability to survive and flourish in today’s shorter, more powerful and uncertain business cycles!”–
Hans Amell & Kurt Larsson, authors

Mastering Agility, Successfully Navigating Uncertainty”.

Read the powerful case for “being agile in business is the key to survival and future success!”

Mastering Agility! A Practical Hands-On Book

Our book offers decision makers like you 13 simple, proven and practical change management tools to help you nimbly and successfully navigate through today’s increasingly quick business cycles, powerful, megatrends and turbulent economic storms. It describes the importance to, ”Get Agile or Die”, NOW!

Mastering Agility is a practical, hands-on field-book for organizational captains aiming to effectively master the business agility needed to handle large, powerful trends such as globalization, data and technology shifts and radically changing demographics. Add to this the gathering storms of economic, geopolitical an environmental uncertainty on the horizon and your need to be flexible increases just to survive!

It’s time to ACT!

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and learn more about:

  • Confidently employing and promoting agile leaders without complex and costly analysis.
  • Rearranging your HR Department to free up and fully utilize its resources and power.
  • Redesigning your training department to engage its intelligence and communication potential
  • Facilitating ease and flow in your budget process, even during the year-end crunch.
  • Realigning your marketing functions to communicate profitably, externally and internally


Mastering Agility explores many concrete strategies and tactics to activate change management in your organization way beyond abstract discussions. It encourages you to become more sensitive, decisive, practical and adept.

The book is woven together with personal anecdotes illustrating how to effectively navigate through the challenges of, ”business as usual”. As a leader you need to survive and develop your company, especially when your market and even your own internal organization resists change. Learn how to decisively act to take advantage of new possibilities to create measurable changes and sustainability.

Business Guru’s Agree on Mastering Business Agility!

With an introduction from the legendary Bob Waterman, author of ”In Search of Excellence”, Mastering Agility has already gotten written praises from known business leaders such as Ericsson Telecom’s and Astra Zeneca’s Leif Johansson and from the American Billionaire Investment Guru Tom Gores.

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Hans Amell (Chairman of the Minerva Group) is a Harvard trained Swede, living in the USA. He is a McKinsey alumni who has also spent time in Dun and Bradstreet’s, Cognizant´s and Ericsson´s management teams. One of his passions is to use his enormous international experience and competence to create new strategies and ways of working for companies longing to be more agile.

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Kurt Larsson (Also a board member in the Minerva Group) is an American living in Sweden. He has worked in International banking and finance, sales and business training. His specialty is to train professional teams in effective sales, leadership and customer service techniques with a focus on conscious and effective communication.