Improve Sales Margins by Selling Consciously, by Kurt Larsson

Improve Sales Margin Using Conscious Selling Skills!

improve sales margins, sales skills, body languageSell consciously and effectively while stressing less. 

Using conscious selling skills means selling while being more aware of what your body is doing physically, mentally and emotionally. One conscious look around and it becomes painfully obvious most of us aren’t present to what is happening here and now. Just watch people walk and notice how often much of each person’s body is on auto pilot. See if you can sense how aware they are of their level of bodily efficiency. Observe for instance, if they are aware of how stiff their ankles are, if they notice they are bobbing from side to side, if their feet are pointed in the direction their body is headed, if they are leaning forward or backward just ignoring the Law of Gravity? It becomes obvious very quickly that most have no idea. How about you?

What about how wecsell?

In a hurry to leave a recent networking meeting I met a seemingly successful sales person. Although rushed to get to my next meeting I still felt obligated to ask him to describe his product. He launched directly into his canned pitch even taking out his brochure and going through it page by page, barely noticing my stressed body language. When he finally took a breath, I mentioned  worked with conscious body language, especially when it comes to creating loyal customer relationships. He nodded politely and then continued.

Finally, getting the chance to chisel a few words in between his, I asked him to comment on how much of what he had just said did he think I was able to grasp . He straightened up, crossed his arms, looked to his left (away from me) and said, ”about 20%”. Sensing I might be  encouraging a debate, I tried countering with as thoughtful a question as I could muster. ”Is that 20% based upon some study out there or what you observed taking place with me here and now?” Stiffening a bit more he said, ” a study”. At this point I felt my blood getting a bit warm so I politely thanked him for his time and took his card.

You are now invited to reflect upon the following five questions:

One:        With whom was he actually talking?

Two:       When finished was he closer or further away from building a relationship with me?

Three:    How conscious would you say he was of his behavior and his body language?

Four:     How much respect you feel when you are met with this kind of behavior?

Five:      If he is successful using his current behavior, how much more successful could he be?

Six:       Do you recognize any of these very common traits in your own behavior?

The following Sensational Soft Skills from ExpandingU’s toolbox are a few which come directly to mind and could have helped him to both tackle and then to consciously master more opportunities like the one above.
Please keep in mind that it’s one thing to recognize them, something else to consciously understand and apply them.

Presence: Being here and now

with the person you are talking with. Had he been present to my stressed body language or my hint about his study’s results, compared to the results unfolding before him, would I have been more receptive to listening to his message?

Listening with all the senses

to what is happening within and around you. Had he spent a few seconds to notice my feet aimed towards the door, the neutral, polite look on my face and how I drew back when he reached for his brochure, could he have made a difference?

Sensing as in ”feeling” what is happening

here and now rather than just ”measuring” it. I even asked him to comment on why he hadn’t asked me any questions. He countered that he knew we had limited time and therfore wanted to provide as much information in those few moments as possible. That’s when I asked him about how much I actually heard…

Serving: Taking care of the needs, wants and wishes

of those with whom you are conversing. Had you been me and been asked how much time you had, received acknowledgement of your answer, been given a 60 second elevator pitch and exchanged cards would you have been receptive and even encouraged to receive a phone call later on?

Responding: Answering back to the situation at hand here and now

with the person in front of you instead of reacting with a standard behavior you have practiced for years. Each time I questioned him I felt uncomfortably close to a debate of which I wanted no part. Could listening more and then tailoring the responses to what was said have helped?

What if this is a picture the current state of the selling profession?

Is it any wonder that more and more business is being done impersonally over the internet?
There, you expect to be treated as a “mark” instead of a living, breathing, feeling individual.
Plus, you usually get a better price!

Yet, could the market for people willing to pay a bit more, just to feel seen, heard, and understood by another human being, be growing?

If you would like more in depth information on the application of these Sensational Soft Skills into your business and your consultative selling process, please click here.

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About The Author


I am fascinated with what makes us humans ”tick”, especially when it comes to how we consciously communicate and express ourselves with our body language. My business background is in international sales and sales management, selling everything from automobile tires in Houston, Tx, to retail banking delivery systems in 20 countries. I have graduated from CoachU’s 3 year Coach Training program, been certified as an Extended DISC consultant and become a Certified International Body Harmony Teacher with over 20 years of ”hands-on” experience in bodywork. This rich and varied background combined with over 20 years of being an entrepreneur has blessed me with insights and experiences I never would have noticed in the corporate world. Mainstream business now seems to be waking up to the riches available from more conscious and responsible business practices. Expanding Understanding’s Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox , the books I have written and training I have developed now provide savvy decision makers and their colleagues measurable results and a more restful night's sleep. These tools provide an edge in consciously understanding, deliberately using and profiting from the most powerful communication tool available, our bodies. I look forward to meeting you on this path to mastery in non verbal communication.

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