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"Knowledge leads to debate, understanding leads to action!"

 Read the full book, “Mastering Agility Successfully Navigating Uncertainty“
Written by Hans Amell and Kurt Larsson


Batten down the hatches; great change is upon us!

Excitement and uncertainty, in larger and more frequent doses, will define business and change management from here on out. To successfully navigate these uncertain waters, you and your crew will need to both understand business agility and practice to master its use to survive and thrive in these mounting seas of change.

Colossal mega trends combined with a perfect storm of precarious economic, geopolitical and societal circumstances will make the choppy economic seas of the past look calm in comparison. No business will be safe using tools, methods and management styles developed for yesterday’s business as usual. The pace of change will be frantic and to cope will require a flexible, more agile state of mind, plus powerful tools to help you remain focused upon what is coming instead of measuring and anal-eyes-ing what has already occurred.

Business Agility is now on every wise decision maker's mind. Yet this is not just about taking agile decisions, it is about creating and mastering an agile corporate culture within your organization. "Business as Usual" no longer works. Either you train to incorporate business agility in every department and every employee or suffer the consequences. Here is a book that presents many years worth of experience of creating an agile way of surviving and thriving in this uncertain world.

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