The principles of Body Harmony

Posturing in Gravity
Gravity is one of the most powerful forces we have at our disposal.
Yet, how often are you consciously in its flow?
It takes energy to resist gravity; energy that could be used much more effectively. The more you enlist gravity as an ally, the more grounded you become and the more power you will have to communicate effectively.

Being present here and now
The more you master being here and now, the more effective you will become in handling whatever is in front of you at present. The more you can sense the joy of being in the flow, the easier it becomes to attract more of what you are sensing. In present time its present time!

Making every breath a joy
Inspiring yourself and those that you wish to listen seems like a given to be aware of when you communicate. Inspire comes from Latin and means to ”breathe in spirit”. Whether or not you believe in a life force, Ki, Chi, Prahna, etc or not, observe what happens to the resonance and believability of your voice when you begin breathing in more air!

A conscious touch
Clinical research has now proven that each and everyone of the cells in our bodies has the capacity for both memory and communication. Yet, how often are you conscious or aware of this enormous source of information? For instance when was the last time you consciously felt the enormous amount of information available just by shaking someone else’s hand?

Charting a clear path towards what you want in work or life is recognized as the surest way to insure success. Yet, how often do you actually practice it? Can the potential of who you can become rise the more you actively practiced intentioning your future?

How much do you like being imposed upon? Honoring another’s values, feelings and personal space may involve investing more time and energy on your part, but how much can you and your organization profit from it? When all your competitors are doing their best to capture their customers, what is the value they percieve from being able to make their own choice?

When your mind, body and spirit is aligned with and aiming towards the same goal you are congruent. When each and every one of your cells resonates the same message your believablitiy is unquestionable. This is efficiency; this is congruency.

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