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"Knowledge leads to debate, understanding leads to action!"

Conscious Body Language Coaching via Skype

  • Get Conscious Body Language Coaching, via Skype

  • Improve your non-verbal communication skills without travel

  • Get body language coaching with simple, specific tools, tips and tricks to:
  • Relax and feel more confident in front of others
  • Be more of a leader than an manager
  • Create more structure and flow
  • Handle challenging listeners in a way that invites cooperation
  • Confidently handle your slides or other media help
  • Connect with your listeners and move them into action
  • or if you just want a trained eye and ear to give you some feedback:
  • book a time with me to Skype!

Whether your content, delivery or both have you worried this is the quickest, most effective and enjoyable way to feel and look more confident.

Your session can be one to three hours at a time depending upon what you want to accomplish.

  • Book a coaching time via Skype!
  • book a time with me to Skype!

Pricing: 200.00 USD per hour plus applicable taxes.

Please be sure to add your telephone number and what you specifically would like to accomplish in the message section.

Then relax and marvel at your progress!