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Conscious Body Language Your most sensational soft skill here


Over 70 pages of tools, methods and tips to consciously leverage the power and effectiveness
of the most important communication tool you have, your body.

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Conscious body language.

Your most sensational soft skill

The book is designed as a handbook for anyone wishing to learn to become more aware of the amount of information available from their own as well as other peoples’ body language.

This enormous amount of information expressed by your body is available regardless of whether you or the person in front of you are conscious of it or not. As more and more people are slowly waking up to this enormous source of information now is the time to create an edge for yourself and the way you communicate.

  • So whether you wish to:
  • Lead and decide more effectively so others will wish to follow
  • Sell or present more powerfully in a way that moves your listeners into action
  • Listen and serve more warmly so each customer feels seen, heard and understood
  • Create contagious team-spirit which sends positive ripples out into your market
  • Just be a better parent or neighbor plus feel better and healthier in the process
  • In this book you will find simple skills that are easy to apply to help make those wishes and others come true, here and now.

Whether you lead, sell, serve or just communicate with others, learning the “language of the body” will give you much more power and control over your own situation and the relationships you create. It will also give you both tools and insight into discovering and handling what other people are doing to manipulate your thoughts, beliefs and behavior.

Read this and begin using the skills offered herein to further open up your inner core to consciously experience and trust your own self-worth and knowledge. Learn to relax and deliberately, yet comfortably adjust your body language for maximum communication ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

When you really start to be aware of, have faith in and use your body and its language, then you will consciously be calling the shots in your life. Enjoy!

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