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"Knowledge leads to debate, understanding leads to action!"

Profitable, Powerful and Practical Business English Training

  • Profitable, Powerful and Practical Business English Training
  • Are you or your team planning a trip or a meeting in English?

  • Get some expert English/Presentation training and:
  • Make a more confident, authoritative impression
  • Fine tune your English presentation materials
  • Prepare to better handle cultural misunderstandings
  • Bring improved results home

Current business rules, many which have been in place since the Second World War, are losing their effectiveness. Prepare to separate and deal with the myths and the realities of doing business, in English, in our interconnected, multi-culti world.

Receive personal and/or group coaching and mentoring to prepare you to handle those cultural challenges you will meet when dealing with your English speaking colleagues. Practice handling situations such as:

  • Minimizing your nervousness, maximizing your confidence
  • Dealing with your ”jante lag” in cultures where it is unthinkable
  • The different cultural mechanics of discussing and deciding
  • Handling Anglo Saxon ”determination”
  • Your body language, what it signals and how to adjust it
  • Leaving your listeners with a simple, clear and measurable action to take

How ExpandingU’s Business English coaching works:

Fully depending upon your organization’s needs, wants, wishes and budget, we can together decide upon the necessary number of half day/three hour, sessions.
Each will consist of guided discussions, practical personal/group exercises, role plays and personal coaching; all tailored to your specific challenge. Each session will have clear and measurable goals which everyone aligns upon. Skype coaching is available.

Pricing: Costs can range from 4500:- exkl moms for one single private session to a custom designed package for up to 8 people over a number of meetings. The more people and time involved, the more value you will get from a lower per hour charge.

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Kurt Larsson and Expanding Understanding

Kurt is originally from New York and has lived in Sweden since 1988. He is an executive coach and workshop leader with clients in London and Stockholm. He has sold everything from Automobile tires in Houston, Texas to Retail Banking Delivery Systems in 20 different countries. He has received top sales honors in 3 different companies.

During his years in sales management he learned to develop the power and leverage available by combining powerful messages with conscious body language. Increased, long-lasting results become easier to achieve the more aligned our thoughts, words and body language become. This process makes it easy, efficient and enjoyable to create more long-term, loyal and profitable relationships, regardless of culture.

Kurt has taken all this experience and now developed over 120 tools for his ”Sensational Soft Skills” toolbox. 20 of them can now be found in his new book ”Sensational Presentation Skills” available on Each of these simple tools can be easily and practically applied to sell, present, lead, negotiate, handle conflicts, build teams and serve others better.