Sensational Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentations Skills workshop, Speaking in public, efficient communicationWhen speaking in public would you like to:

  • Make a powerful first impression?

  • Inspire and engage your listeners more?

  • Structure your presentation in a logical flow?

  • Handle challenging listeners more effectively?

  • Leave your listeners knowing exactly what to do next?

A structured, intense and interactive two-day workshop where each participant has the chance to test many tools from Expanding Understanding’s Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox. Everyone will present at least six times and get verbal, written and even video feedback and coaching from everyone present. (Video filming is optional). This workshop can also be held in Swedish!

The Workshop is divided into eight segments:

–       Own your message: Realize the power and effect of your body’s language

–       Structure and goals: Review the rhetorical rudiments of presenting

–       Confidently serve each listener instead of being nervous about performing

–       Media efficiency, how to control for ex. PPT rather than vice-versa

–       Profit from presence instead of getting lost in thoughts and circumstances

–       Taking a stand: Create your own “platform for success” and speak from it.

–       Completion: Tie it all together to create measurable results

–       Challenging Situations: Handle uncomfortable listeners effectively

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Executive Summary

How many presentations have you heard and how many do you remember?
We actually remember very little of what we hear during the course of a day. We act upon even a smaller percentage of that. As a professional you often know more than enough to survive your presentations. Yet, have you ever taken the time to learn to profit from and enjoy the rhetorical and physiological mechanics of your craft? If you are interested in moving your listeners into a desired and measurable course of action then it is critical that you understand how it is accomplished.

Each workshop takes a maximum of 8 participants insuring a diverse group of listeners each having special needs, wants and wishes. You will get direct feedback and coaching from these diverse listeners, to drastically help adjust and improve upon all your presentation behavior. Workshops are held both in open formats as well as company specific.


A dramatic and measurable increase in your confidence and results when presenting

Target Audience

Leaders, managers, sales professionals, presenters and customer service professionals who want more engagement, control
and result from their presentation efforts

Completing this workshop you will have the power, tools and experience to be a black-belt presenter who can:

  • Communicate with more power, engagement and result wherever, whenever
  • Feel more at home and much less nervous when talking in front of others
  • Serve each listener in a way that moves him/her into action
  • Clean up and align your spoken message with what is being signaled by the body
  • Utilize PowerPoint and other media tools effectively, without them taking over your presentation
  • Measure performance by quantifying and qualifying each presentation’s results

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Specific areas of focus:

Engage your listeners to create more measurable and sustainable results

“Move” listeners into action by learning to resonate your message through you head, heart and “gut”. Learn how to become more present and inspire your audience, here and now.

Discover your own personal “platform of professionalism” and name it.

Increase the quality of the fuel that drives your self-confidence. The more confident you become, the more you can relax and serve others, regardless of the circumstances.

Uncover, purify and re-align your “mixed messages”

A mixed message is confusing; you mean one thing, but your body language implies something else. Effectiveness increases dramatically the more your words and body aligns with each other.

Learn to appreciate feedback as an integral part of your development

Accept it without taking it personally. Integrate those golden nuggets of wisdom and experience while learning to enjoy what makes you and your listeners human.

Kurt Larsson, Workshop Leader, Executive Coach and AuthorPresentation Skills Workshop leader Kurt Larsson

Kurt has a background in international sales and service management selling everything from car tires, retail banking delivery systems, investments and training in over 20 countries. Kurt’s primary focus is on creating loyal, long-term relationships. He has expanded his toolbox with 20 years experience as a workshop leader in presentation, leadership, sales, negotiation and international relations techniques.

He also works as an executive coach in London and Stockholm and became a Body Harmony® teacher with 18 years of ”hands-on” experience in reading and adjusting the most powerful communication tool we posses, our bodies.

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“Kurt’s methods and feedback to us participants and his ability to demonstrate the difference that efficient body language can make was very appreciated.”

“Kurt’s part of our courses got consistently high reviews on the evaluations. He was also very successful in tailoring the workshop to our specific needs.”

Johan Lundsjö, Manager Network Interfaces,
Ericsson AB, Systems & Technology

“Every participant received personal guidance which they could directly apply.”

“Each and every participant that took part in this activity, for the first and even second time, received guidance which was personally tailored to improve their individual consulting situation. Personally, I didn’t just receive those small tips I usually expect from such a course, instead I experienced a totally new dimension in a subject I have personally taught for more than ten years.”

Gösta Tylemo, Course responsible,

The experience was so positive that we are now planning follow up sessions.”

“I knew that I had made the right partnership decision even before the actual workshop, thanks to Kurt’s planning and preparation well in advance”. “I can warmly recommend Kurt Larsson and Expanding Understanding to any company looking to increase productivity, strengthen and stimulate team building, and empower their employees”.

Maragret Petane, Country Manager
SN Brussels Airlines Sweden

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