Build Prosperous and Loyal Relationships

Using Conscious Collaborative Sales Training Techniques

 Loyal Customer Relationships, collaborative selling, sales techniques, workshopInterested in saving time and generating more loyal customers?

Welcome to an interactive workshop series which replaces routine sales meetings.

Combines tools from Expanding U’s Sensational Soft Skill Toolbox to apply directly to your current, real-time customer cases.
Participant constantly learn, tests and improves while simultaneously coaching colleagues with guidance from the workshop leader.

Mix and match the following learning blocks to your teams requirements:

  • Define Conscious Consultative Selling Techniques

  • Customer loyalty, a measurable, motivational goal.

  • Sales/Service cycle basics, their timing and importance

  • Attract loyalty using The Customer Service Pyramid

  • Your Personal Platform of Success, standing for and working from it

  • Apply and improve your ability to listen serve and sell

  • Build Value through efficient negotiation and objection handling

  • Handle challenging customers and situations, effectively.

  • Create Agreements, that “stick”

  • Teamwork, team spirit and sales synergy

  • Master your craft.

Executive Summary

Drastically enhance the efficiency of your team sales meetings with this series of half-day workshops.
Effectively share your team’s knowledge and experience using current situations as live cases with which to practice. Watch them develop using simple tools, methods and coaching skills. We combine the fundamentals of a typical sales cycle, with tools and exercises from Expanding U’s Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox with expert guidance and encouragement
The result is a deep, conscious and usable understanding of proven sales techniques that can now be applied on an individual basis to each and every customer and prospect, on their terms.

An intense, interactive laboratory

Each workshop is open forum where participants receive direct feedback and coaching from both their colleagues and the workshop leader. They then test, measure, discuss and improve what they learn between sessions. This workshop series is designed to be customized to fit your team’s meeting schedule.

At your service

The optimum training situation is 2-3 hours every other week for 10 meetings. This suggestion can be expanded or compressed to meet the needs, wants and wishes of you and your team. We can also combine telephone meetings, Skype and even video filming to further reach your goals.

Upon Completion you will have the tools and training to

  • Radiate more professionalism, here and now
  • Listen with all your senses so each customer feels heard
  • Coach and learn from each other with your customized sales-cycle
  • Locate each customer’s position in it and practically move them forward
  • Confidently serve them in a way they appreciate and talk about.
  • Streamline communication, attract, measure and increase results.
  • Handle challenging customers and situations with ease and efficiency
  • Celebrate more success easily, efficiently and enjoyably

Workshop Purpose

To improve your skills of generating a sustainable, profitable and loyal customer relationships

 Target Audience

Sales and service organizations committed to prospering from win/win relationships


A series of half-day “hands-on” laboratories with guided discussions, exercises, role-plays and coaching

Building loyalty is about balancing the mechanics of the sales process with the emotions of the buying process.

Most customers yearn to be loyal. Think how much time, energy and money it takes to continually find new suppliers. Yet, what is missing is their ability to trust yet another sales person. In fact, what if the more you try now to “Sell” in the classic sense, the more you risk losing the sale?

The faster the question of price pops up the surer you can be that you, your product and your company have become just another commodity to your prospect. The more you can listen with all your senses and serve your prospective customer in his/her/their terms, the more likely you will sell something and generate their loyalty in the process. This workshop and the Sensational Soft Skills introduced will help by teaching you to provide service you can feel.

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The experience was so positive that we are now planning follow up sessions.”

“I knew that I had made the right partnership decision even before the actual workshop, thanks to Kurt’s planning and preparation well in advance”.

“I can warmly recommend Kurt Larsson and Expanding Understanding to any company looking to increase productivity, strengthen and stimulate team building, and empower their employees”.

Margaret Petane, Country Manager
SN Brussels Airlines Sweden

“The results are a tighter, more focused group giving our customers better and more professional service, which gives us more business and better profitability.”

I would personally recommend this training… not only in client relationships and how to maintain and improve them, but also as a team building training, where common goals and common working methods are expressly worked out by and for the group.

Leif Svanholm,
Trading/Merchant Banking

“The result is that we have become more focused on the business result and service while becoming a much tighter team.”

“Not only did we improve our way of selling we have also gained from the course a group of tools to improve both our professional and private relationships”.

Matts Rönnlund, President
We Consulting AB,

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