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"Knowledge leads to debate, understanding leads to action!"


Conscious Business Workshops in Sales, Leadership, Service & More

  • Conscious Business Workshops for improved Sales, Leadership, Service and Presentation Skills

Each workshop combines our Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox™ with practical experience.

Each workshop addresses all Visual, Audial and Kinestetic learning profiles and consists of a preparation phase, the workshop itself and a follow up phase providing you with an optimal learning experience.


  • Sensational Presentation Skills Workshop, two days

An interactive presentation laboratory. Each participant presents a minimum of eight times receiving verbal, written and even video feedback. Each exercise supports and encourages the presenter to express him/herself in a way that ”moves” every listener into action. Lose your nervousness and gain confidence through challenging and enjoyable exercises, role plays and discussions.

  • Create more engagement, effect and result when you present
  • Use your body language to own your message with power and effect
  • Confidently serve each listener instead of being nervous about performing
  • ”Move” your listeners into action, easily, efficiently and enjoyably
  • Use PowerPoint and other media tools without them taking over
  • Handle challenging situations and uncomfortable listeners with ease
  • The Sensational Leadership Workshop Series

A series of four one day intensive workshops for decision makers. It is focused upon applying and appreciating your ability to lead others in a way that encourages them to listen follow and exceed all expectations. Participants are invited to bring their current challenges so they can be solved together.

  • Module I: Practical tools to unlock your Personal Power

    Focus is upon strengthening your use of the most important communication tool you have, your body.

    • Attract more listening, command more attention
    • Consciously become more interesting
    • Present with more ”presence”, stay on track
    • Relax and respond more under pressure


  • Module II: Serve to Lead

    Focus is upon serving in a way that attracts others to follow you and cooperate.

    • Serve rather than perform your way to success
    • Change opinions by asking powerful and insightful questions
    • Profit by listening ”with all your senses”
    • Serve in a way that generates followers
  • Module III: Decisiveness

    Day three is all about choice, consequences and your ability to respond effectively

    • Solve stuff at its root cause
    • Understand and apply the mechanics of deciding
    • Create measurable action instead of dreams
    • Sleep and feel better by ”letting stuff go”
  • Module IV: Mastering the Path of Leadership

    Learn the secrets of going beyond expertise and taking others with you on your path.

    • Consciously improve from everything you do
    • Relax into Not knowing everything
    • Learn more by teaching
    • Create a powerful, cohesive learning organization
  • Prosperous and Loyal Customer Relationships Workshop Series, half days

This is a series of half-day workshops designed to enhance your normal sales meetings by packing them with practical methodology, live role-plays, guided discussions, insightful exercises and personal coaching. The process addresses all learning styles as well as encouraging each participant to listen, coach and contribute to the others in a way that increases critical sales skills, generates confidence and team-spirit.

  • Sell more with greater ease
  • Attract more business effortlessly
  • Listen and serve better
  • Solve objections effectively
  • Resolve challenging situations efficiently
  • Creating Agreements that Stick
  • Increased team spirit through mutual support and coaching
  • Service that sells itself

This two day workshop is designed for call/service center teams wishing to be more effective, attractive and profitable. By dissecting the mechanics of pure service, insights and practical methods are tested to encourage customers to recommend them, their products/services and company.

  • Get more done by listening better
  • Sell more without having to sell
  • Become cooler under pressure
  • Attract more business with less effort
  • Stop feeling like a slave
  • Handle conflicts with ease
  • Exposition Excellence

A two day workshop that insures your investment in your expo booth is exploited to its fullest potential. Learn to maximize customer contact and create measurable buying opportunities while distinguishing you and your company from all the hustle and bustle on the exposition floor.

  • Generate more leads
  • Align and energize your expo message
  • Quickly assess the opportunity for business
  • Stay more present and focused
  • Relax instead of collapse after the day
  • Handle challenging people/situations
  • Accurately measure your ROI
  • Intercultural Communication

A one day workshop taking you beyond the typical list of cultural dos and don’ts. Learn to profit from tuning into the person standing right in front of you, here and now, in a way that makes him/her feel seen, heard and understood. What if it’s a function of understanding how little you understand?!

  • Understand and relate to others more easily
  • Distinguish the speaker’s message from your interpretation
  • Profit from treating others with respect
  • Be more aware of body language and subtle signals
  • Avoid common cultural traps
  • Clean up cultural “Faux Pas”

Each workshop has been tested and proven to create measurable results.
Yet, there is plenty of room to redesign each of them to accommodate specific requirements or wishes your organization may have. Please contact us regarding your situation and your desire.

Each workshop is built in an object oriented format making it easy to mix and match specific Sensational Soft Skills with those issues of most interest to you.