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"Knowledge leads to debate, understanding leads to action!"

Effective Collaborative Selling

An intensive and interactive half-day practical selling workshop series

Business cycles are shortening, technology is improving and uncertainty is increasing, drastically.

Yet your customers are taking longer to take purchasing decisions. Are your:

  • Sales cycles lengthening?
  • Customers getting more sophisticated and buying more online?
  • Competitors multiplying while your customers have increasing trouble telling you apart?
  • Resources shrinking, yet your targets increase?
  • Colleagues getting more stressed to make those numbers?

In today’s market, you must practice business agility in everything or you will be eaten alive!
As Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and robotics take over the workplace there is still someone whose job will remain most important; this is the Professional Salesperson. Yet even this profession is undergoing rapid transformation.

From Consultative Selling to Collaborative Selling

Being the Expert Consultant and getting paid more for what you know is rapidly declining as a value-added argument. There is just too much information to handle. Sooner or later even the best expert will be proven wrong by either missing something important or ignoring it. Even worse, many will stress themselves and burn out trying to keep up!

What is necessary is a plan to go from the Expert Sales Consultant to Mastering Collaborative Selling. This is where you constantly invite your customer into the same rowboat, while challenging them to row faster, with your help. In short, how can you have more fun and make more money with your customer together, rather than separately? This is how you create more valuable relationships and increased customer loyalty. In this half-day workshop series, you will learn to:

  • Make a memorable first impressions, both over the phone or in person
  • Listen curiously, with all your senses, so each customer feels seen, heard & understood
  • Transform customer fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) into cooperation and decision
  • Sell as much, if not more, at higher margins, using with less effort
  • Understand, practice and amplify the selling cycle using more conscious body language.

This multi half-day workshop is designed to replace your sales team’s weekly or bi-weekly meetings. The workshop is delivered as an interactive mixture of visual, audial and kinaesthetic (VAK) learning. It is packed with guided discussions, intensive role-plays, group exercises, insightful and thought provoking homework assignments that logically and emotionally “move” each participant to deliver their measurable best.

The workshop can be fully customized to address your team’s specific needs, wants and wishes with a combination of one or all of the following segments:

  • Current Economic Forces demanding business and selling agility
  • The mechanics of a powerful first impression and building mutual trust
  • Defining and developing customer loyalty
  • The incredible power of a thoughtful question
  • Understanding the mechanics and utility of a classic sales cycle
  • Effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques
  • Solving real-time Customer applications
  • Effectively handling challenging behaviors
  • Measuring, learning from and improving your success
  • Collaborative Mastery

All aspects of a memorable customer experience will be discussed starting with the conscious body language of a customer meeting, to learning how to both cross-sell and up-sell, to the tools and methods for handling and transforming challenging customer behaviors to loyal ones. To encourage maximum learning, each participant is encouraged to bring both current customer and internal challenges with them to practically work on and solve during the workshop.

Course leaders are themselves top sellers and will act as a coach or catalyst to stimulate each participant’s curiosity and encourage them to practice and evaluate each new method presented. The coach will also empower each participant to coach other workshop colleagues so that they learn and actively use the tools in real-time on others in similar situations. This teaching method consistently delivers easily measured results plus a level of team-work and team-spirit not often seen in modern workplaces.

Other results from previous groups and participants

  • Measurable increases in Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Increased revenue at higher margins
  • More loyal customers
  • Fewer internal and customer conflicts
  • Less workplace stress, sick-leave and increased employee satisfaction
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