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"Knowledge leads to debate, understanding leads to action!"

Service that sells itself!

An intensive and interactive two-day workshop

  • Want to transform your service department to a profit center?
  • Interested in quickly transforming angry customers to loyal ones?
  • Want to increase your sales without increasing your marketing and sales budgets?

Learn to understand and apply the mechanics of pure service!

Discover and develop personal insights while applying practical and proven tools and methods that encourage customers to warmly and spontaneously recommend you, your products and your company. You will also learn to:

  • Make a memorable first impression, either over the phone or in person
  • Listen curiously, with all your senses
  • Sell more at higher margins with less effort
  • Drastically increase your ability to effectively handle conflicts.
  • Stop feeling like a slave, stress less and enjoy more

This two day workshop is designed for call/service-center teams wishing to be more effective, attractive and profitable. The workshop is delivered as an interactive mixture of visual, audial and kinaesthetic (VAK) learning packed with guided discussions, intensive role-plays, group exercises and thoughtful homework assignments that logically and emotionally “move” each participant to deliver their measurable best.

The workshop is divided into eight approximately one and one-half hour segments

  • The mechanics of a powerful first impression
  • Defining and developing customer loyalty
  • The incredible power of a thoughtful question
  • Winning your customer’s trust
  • Understanding the Service-Solution Cycle
  • Real-time Service-Solution Cycle applications
  • Effectively handling challenging behaviors
  • Service Mastery

All aspects of a memorable customer experience will be discussed starting with the conscious body language of a customer meeting, to learning how to both cross-sell and up-sell, to the tools and methods for handling and transforming challenging customer behaviors to loyal ones. Focus on day two will be on understanding and using Expanding Understanding’s Service-Solution Cycle to effectively and completely resolve problems and challenges. To encourage maximum learning, each participant is encouraged to bring both a current customer and internal challenge with them to practically work on and solve during the workshop.

The Course leader will act as a coach or catalyst to stimulate each participant’s curiosity and encourage them to practice and evaluate each new method presented. The coach will also empower each participant to coach other workshop colleagues so that they not only learn, but actively use the tools in real-time on others in similar situations. This teaching method consistently delivers easily measured results plus a level of team-work and team-spirit not often seen in modern workplaces.

Other results from previous groups and participants

  • Measurable increases in Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Increased revenue at higher margins
  • More loyal customers
  • Fewer internal and customer conflicts
  • Less workplace stress, sick-leave and increased employee satisfaction
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